At AHCN we have supported people with disabilities for over 20 years.   We have also been supportive participants in the NDIS since it started. Our Physiotherapists understand the in’s and out’s of the NDIS and how important it is for providers to be attentive and responsive to you.

Being responsive to your needs means we are flexible, innovative, and willing to change to meet your needs.  We regularly deliver therapy on weekends and also come to you! Give us a call or email so we can discuss how we can support you and help start your Physiotherapy journey!

Team Work

A team achieves more than a single person.  We believe collaboration and working together with those who are providing your care and those who are closest to you is the best approach. Our practitioners will work with your family, carers, medical practitioners, specialists and support workers to ensure the people that know you best are well informed, contributing and included in your support at every step.

Professional, Experienced and Skilled Staff

Our staff are highly skilled in many areas of Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy based management and will always ensure we use the best, evidence based practices to achieve the best outcomes.   We co ordinate acfunctional assessment, therapy implementation and support planning that focuses on your NDIS & Life goals.