Manual Handling

Manual Handling Training


We provide expert informative, interactive, hands-on manual handling training specifically for aged care.


  • Comply with accreditation,
  • Improve attendance and prevent injuries to residents and staff.

Presentation includes:

  • Basic Anatomy and Priciples of Manual Handling
  • Definition and Practical Examples of Manual Handling
  • Theory and Practical Implementation of the Minimal Lift Policy
  • Manual Handling Injuries and Causes
  • Safe Lifting and Transfer Principles & Techniques
  • Hazard Identification & Management
  • Employee and Employer Responsibilities
  • Resident Falls
  • Equipment – lifting hoists, standing machines and slide sheets

We offer a number of Manual Handling Training options designed to suit your specific needs.

Standard Training

  • Meets accreditation requirements
  • Covers all aspects of safe manual handling for care and non-care staff.
  • 1.5 hour theory and practical training session for care staff and
  • 1 hour theory and practical training session for non-care staff if not able to attend with care staff

Manual Handling Train the Trainer (teach your team to teach)

  • A train-the-trainer type program that empowers aged care team leaders to gain the skills to train others in manual handling.
  • This can be run as a specific Manual Handling Session that empowers the participant(s) to teach either the practical, theoretical componenets or both if required.
  • An add on component to this that is great for management is the “Principles of Teaching & Learning” module that can be used for other topics.