Falls Prevention Summary

Item Point Notes
How to Prevent Falls Occurring Routine Falls Assessments Physiotherapist
Routine Environmental Assessments Physiotherapist/ Nurse
Understand Environmental Risks Learn in Falls Presentation (CPD)

Cluttered Room, slippery surfaces etc

Report Resident who have a near fall or are showing signs of poor balance, strength or endurance. Report to Management
Understand what diseases may cause falls. ie. Parkinsons, Stroke, low BP, poor vision, hearing, nutrition etc Learn in Falls Presentation (CPD)
Report Safety Risks Poor condition steps, footpaths, objects, frames
Review Foot Wear Podiatrist / Physio / Nurse
Listen to Residents if they verbally report an issue Director of Nursing, Nurse
Does the Resident need Strength or Balance Retraining? Include in classes, report to Physio