How to Know a Good Pillow

  • Keep Your Spine In Natural Alignment
  • Keep its shape during and after repeated use (cheap pillows don not last)
  • Have a Good warranty
  • Feel comfortable and breathable
  • Mould comfortably to your exact head shape


The Pillow that is right for you depends on

  • Your size (head, shoulder, body)
  • Position you like to sleep in (on your side needs a higher pillow than on your back)
  • What surface you like to sleep on (cotton, flannel, breathable mesh)

If your pillow has lost its firmness and no longer support the neck adequately or you experience neck pain while trying to sleep or headaches in the morning, please replace your pillow.

You may need the first few nights of using any new pillow to get used to it. This is because your neck needs to conform to the new supportive position.

A pillow that does not reduce your neck pain within a week is probably not supportive enough or you have a neck condition that requires professional treatment. Please ask your Physiotherapist regarding pillows or neck pain /headaches