News Letter – Successful Physiotherapy

What factors influence outcomes of Physiotherapy?

  • Time of referral / starting
    • The sooner you start after an injury or illness the less the degree of injury / harm and the sooner you start taking positive steps to recovery
    • Delayed referral is ALWAYS associated with worse outcomes
  • How much time you dedicate to your recovery /rehabilitation
    • Generally the more time you spend here the better. BUT
    • It must be enjoyable, tolerable and time available
    • There are minimum requirements for Strength and Skill gains, Flexibility improvements and Pain management – Discuss this with your Physiotherapist

  • What do I NEED to do?
    • The Principles of Rehab are VERY SIMPLE
    • Strengthening any weakness
    • Stretch any movement restriction
    • Control / Relieve and Pain
    • Focus on Attributes of Functional Deficits
      • Balance
      • Speed
      • Power (speed and strength)
    • Focus of Specific Tasks as a Whole
      • Walking up Steps
      • Specific Sports Movements

Make an Appointment to see your Physiotherapist

Discuss all of the above with your Treating Physiotherapist

Put together a very detailed Plan on how to achieve your Goals (discuss short term and long term goals that cover at least strength, function, and pain)

Learn how to monitor your progress (or lack of) so you know when you need to see your Physiotherapist for a review. At this point they can change your home, gym, supervised program. Implement any treatment techniques that are necessary.

Find out what you need to do to maintain these improvements/ gains and what you need to do when you are discharged (monitoring)

If you are not achieving your goals or progressing despite the above – seek another opinion (Physiotherapist, GP, Specialist)