Newsletter – Stretching

  • Should you Stretch Before or After you Train or Play?
  • Should you Stretch at All?
  • Will Stretching make me Worse?
  • Why would you NEED to stretch?
  • How long should I hold my Stretches?
  • Should I bounce my Stretches?
  • How do I know what I am Stretching?
    • Muscle, Ligament, Capsule, Fascia – you can target specific structures if you get the right advice.
  • Should I Stretch myself or get someone to Stretch me?
  • Will Stretching make me more Flexible?
  • Will stretching make me more Functional ? (perform better)
  • Does Stretching encourage repair after injury?

If you are spending any time stretching in your usual routine, you should discuss these points with your Physiotherapist to make sure you are being effective.

All of these questions and more answered in the following Lecture: