About Us

Australian HealthCare Network has had extensive ties with Aged Care since 2002.  We love working with the “Oldies” and feel it is our obligation to ensure they have the best care available. We have worked tirelessly to develop management structures we continue be one of the best Aged Care Providers in the Market and we continue to grow as a result.
We have continually provided Market Leading, Exceptional Standards of Quality Service. We strive to please our Clients, both Resiednts and Staff.   Our unique protocols ensure the Highest Industry, Government and Professional standards are exceeded.


“Enabling Patients to Achieve Optimal Physical, Mental & Social Function”

The 14 Objectives of AHCN

1)  Promote Optimal Health, Safety and Welfare of Residents & Staff
2)  Increase Resident independence and onus
3)  Promote environments exceeding Physiological & Psychological needs
4)  Provide consultation and cooperation in achieving these objects
5)  Identify, Assess and Address Safety risks
6)  Promote awareness of Physical, Social & Psychological health
7)  Have clear and flexible objectives to address identified problems
8)  Focus on desired outcomes in a quick Responsive manner
9)  Be Specific and Flexible to meet all Facility & Resident Requirements
10) Detailed knowledge of Government/ Industry standards & procedures
11) Maximise benefits and minimise costs
12) Continually evolve in consultation with Residents & Staff
13) Clear and Open communication
14) Clear, Comprehensive, Tailored Documentation & Compliance