1. Detailed Resident Assessment. These include Transfers, Ambulation, Strength, Falls Risk, Static & Dynamic Balance, Respiratory, Assistance.
(Specialised Assessments available i.e. Falls, Neurological, Post Operative)
2. Written Care Plan – easy to follow which identifies problem, sets a goal and treatment strategy (noted in ongoing documentation)
3. Resident Specific Treatment Program that is easy for nursing staff and carers to implement.
4. Staff Training ModulesManual Handling and many others
5. Resident Staff and Family Ongoing Education Guides
6. Group & Individualised Exercise Classes
(Mobility, Balance, Strength,Tai Chi, Pilates, Hydrotherapy)
7. Ongoing Patient Treatment (Cardiothoracic, Neurological, Post Operative, Balance)
8. Falls Management, Chronic & Acute Pain Management
9. Aid and Equipment Prescription & Supply
10. OHS Workplace Assessments & Staff OHS Training
11. Health Care “Optimal Treatment Model” Planning and Implementation
12. All Legal, Governmental & Administrative Requirements Exceeded
– Independent Physiotherapy Auditing available
13. Independent Billing Available – where applicable able to bill DVA, Private Health Funds and Medicare Directly with no out of pocket expenses
14. Consultations for Resident in Low Care, High Care, Respite, Community Living, Staff by our highly Qualified Physiotherapists

Please note that all plans, Resident exercises / posters, Staff training Modules are modifiable to suit your specific care model and notation