Falls Prevention Program (FPP)


Unfortunately the worst part of working in Aged Care is having someone pass away from a preventable injury such as a fall, pressure sore or chest infection.   Falls are by far the most dangerous and physically incapacitating injury to confront the Elderly.   We take these risks very seriously and have put together a program to address the risk factors involved with Falls to prevent them happening.


  • Staff Education, raises awareness throughout the facility – 1 hour presentation,
  • Identify falls risks factors fro each Resident,
  • Falls Assessment for at risk Residents or all Residents
  • Assess and Modify the Residents Room, other living environments
  • Educate the Resident, Family and Staff
  • Prescription of Aids or Appliances (hip protectors, walking aids, footwear, falls mats, night light)
  • Assess other components to Falls and Refer as required (polypharmacy – hearing – vision – nutrition)
  • Those at high risk participate in Falls Specific exercise programs.
  • Track and analyse falls statistics and make recommendation based on these outcomes.

All of these items are easily implemented and continued.  They also add to the general well being of the Resident and help prevent the onset of the fear of falling.