Using a Slide Sheet

A slide sheet is a very slippery piece of material made from a strong synthetic material approximately 100 cm 150 cm. The sheet does not have any seems or hems to interfere with skin integrity. AHCN recommend that you use 2 slide sheets as described below. To use a single sheet simply fold the sheet in half and roll it under a Resident, similar to fitting a draw sheet. When moving the Resident ensure the sheet is in the correct position, the evironment is clear of obstacles, the bed is adjusted for free movement (i.e. flat or sloping in the direction of movement) and the Resident is aware of waht is going on and co operative.

slide sheet

1. Fold the Slide Sheet in Half

using a slide sheet to move patient up the bed

(to move up the bed)

2. Tuck the two open ends of the Slide Sheet as far as possible under the Resident , it is helpful if the resident lay on their side or sit up using the mechanical back to firstly raise the Resident and another staff member to hold them up as you place the sheet underneath them.  In particularly immobile Residents you can place the slide sheet under the bed sheet or use two large slide sheets under the bed sheet. Note the resident does not need to roll all the way over the get the sheet underneath them.

Noting you pull the top sheet to slide on the bottom sheet. So this means that you need to think about which direction you are moving the resident (left, right, up, down)

3. Roll the Resident onto their back, ensure the slide sheet is under the hips and shoulers and correctly overlapping.

(4) 1-2 carers pull the top layer of the sheet to turn or transfer the Resident. The Resident should move freely.

slide sheet pullROLL RT ON SIDE

(5) Scrunch the sheet and pull it out at 90 degrees to the open edge.

To move the Resident up the Bed

(6) To move the Resident up the bed, tuck the two open ends of the folded sheet under the buttocks and out behind the Resident back. Nurses stand either side of the bed and crunch up the top layer of the Slide Sheet and pull back up the bed using you body weight. Instruct the Resident to bend their knees to reduce friction before the transfer