March 2014 Newsletter – Correct Lifting

Lifting properly not only protects your body, but allows you to lift more weight safely.   Lifting correctly is something that has to be learnt rather than coming naturally.  It involves a great deal of body awareness which comes through repition and guidance.   The basics of good lifting technqiue involve:

  • Good Posture (pelvic neutral, knees slightly bent, chest out etc)
  • Lifting with your knees and hips – never your back and sometimes your arms.
  • Keeping the object close to your body
  • Using your body weight where possible
  • Avoiding twisting – back, knees, hips etc
  • Setting up the environment prior to the lift
  • Wearing good footwear
  • Having good balance
  • Maintaining good fitness and strength
  • Using other people or assistive devices where possible.