Newsletter How Much Treatment Do I Need?

This is a question that goes through the minds of Patients and Practitioners at almost every stage of treatment.

The simple answer to this is – until you are better.

The complicated answer to this is:

– Whilst treatment is effective (has a good result at improving your performance, quality of life, reducing pain, gaining strength etc)

– Everyone will have different expectations for treatment also.   For example (i) Reduce my back pain so I can work.  (ii) Rehabilitate me after back surgery so I can return to elite sport.   Obviously the former will take a lot longer than some simple pain reduction work.

– Whilst you have the financial resources to do so (might be a good idea to get private health insurance)

– Whilst the Practitioner and Patient agree it is an appropriate, effective form of treatment

How Much is a Normal amount of Treatment?

– This varies based on your condition / injury

– The more complicated and severe the injury the more treatment will be required


– The more self-management you do the less treatment and better results you will have.   This includes home exercises, hydrotherapy, gymnasium, classes, pain management strategies, bracing, taping, TENS, etc.

– It is Vital you have great, open communication with your Physiotherapist so that you both understand your goals, needs, financial / social, time situation and work closely to achieve the best outcome.