January 2014 Newsletter – Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain is a complicated and often contreversial topic that has sparked many heated debates.   Who do I see?   What do I take ?   Who’s diagnosis is correct ? Why are there so many different opinions ?   Why is it so common ?   Why do Practioners differ in advice (often complete opposite).

The basis of most of these disagreements arise for several reasons

  • Different theories in knowedge (i.e. tradiontal medical training Vs alternative training)
  • Different ideas at the time of training (bed rest for LBP in the 60’s, active mobilisation curently)
  • The spine and nervous system are complex with many potential causes for LBP, some of which are difficult to distinguish from one another.

The lower back can be a difficult area to treat.  Mostly Physiotherapists will take a simple approach and encouage basic active rehabilitation.   If this does not achieve the results they and you are expecting then rehabilitation can become quite complicated and focused on smaller details (i.e. learning to isolate single muscles at a time, retraining posture)

For more information on the basics please visit the Lower Back Pain link under patient information.